Our Chicken. Your Questions.

“Raw. Gross. Genius.” – Financial Post.

In 2012, we created one of the most powerful food quality platforms in McDonald’s history: “Our Food. Your Questions.” Still, by late 2013, hard questions remained.

Among the most troublesome, two widely shared stories about Chicken McNuggets – that they’re made from “pink goop” and/or whole ground up birds.

We launched with two provocative national TV spots:

Then followed up with online videos that answered the toughest questions: Pink goop . . .

. . . And mechanical separation:

We also made a series of GIFs supported with paid media, all designed to demystify McDonald’s chicken processing.


Creative team is: Sanya Grujicic (Copywriter), Andrew Bernardi (Art Director) and myself (CD).

Marketing Awards – Online video campaign – Gold
Applied Arts – Branded Content, single
Applied Arts – Branded Content, series
Applied Arts – Complete Advertising program
Applied Arts – Viral

  • Client: McDonald's Canada
  • Date: June, 2014
  • Role: Creative Director