Kokanee’s Next Ranger


One of Western Canada’s most beloved beers – Kokanee – was losing market share to that other cold and refreshing mountain beer. Our solution: an off-beat election campaign where consumers controlled the fates of the six quirky would-be brand mascots.

As part of the campaign, we interacted with fans live and in-character on Kokanee’s Facebook wall. It was an unprecedented level of access for a Canadian beer brand, and resulted in off-the-charts engagement.

The campaign included TV, OOH, print, Facebook app, mobile website and online media.



Creative Direction: Randy Stein, Scott Dube
Copywriting: Ian Simpson, Ian Mackenzie, Trevor Gourley
Art Direction: Catherine Allen, Joel Holtby

  • Client: Labatt Breweries
  • Date: October, 2011
  • Role: Copywriter