The Brands of Santa

A classic cola brand popularized Santa’s look back in the 1930s. We wondered what it would look like if other brands had gotten there first. So we made a series of 12 illustrations reimagining Santa. We did it in the style in which he was originally created. And then we made a mini-doc about the remarkable illustrator at the heart of the project.

2016 Applied Arts Interactive – Craft Editing
2016 AICE Awards – Docu-style + Best of Toronto – Finalist


jump light_up_the_north OS_anta reindeer_rights swedish_for_santa

Santa slayed
Without spending a dime in social, we achieved a massive increase in mentions of our brand, in addition to meaningful engagement, shares, likes and impressions.

3,780% increase in mentions of KBS during the campaign period.
15,000 engagements on Twitter
9,200 shares on Facebook
7,000 likes on Instagram
#1 on three subreddits on Christmas Eve

Check out all 12 illustrations at