Big Orange Slide

I was the founding editor of Grip Limited’s blog: Big Orange Slide.

During my year-long tenure, I assigned and edited more than 200 posts, interviewed industry leaders (such as Hey, Whipple author Luke Sullivan), and helped the company define its voice, both publicly and internally.

I also wrote for it. Here are couple of my favourite posts:

Just because your client bought it doesn’t mean it’s good – May 10, 2011
Advertising to communists – April 19, 2010
Brand like Batman – February 3, 2010

If you want a good snapshot of my involvement in this project – and some remarks from my peers – have a look at the last post I wrote as Editor:

Things I have learned on this blog so far – September 2, 2010

Creative Director: Dave Hamilton
Art Director: Colin Craig
Editor: Ian Mackenzie

Applied Arts – Weblog/Social Networking – Single 
Communication Arts – Web Pick of the Day

  • Client: Grip Limited
  • Date: November, 2009
  • Role: Founding Editor