New writing

From seeing what works for the big brains I’m lucky to work alongside, some ideas on creativity, complexity, digital and data. Story over at Medium: Overcome creative complexity with these six powerful mindsets

The Clio That Comes After

Sometimes you’re lucky as hell and you get to be the guy who holds the Bronze Clio for a few minutes. And you do your best not to forget that you’re holding it on behalf of: a great client in Marc Paris at Drug Free Kids Canada; a fantastic agency team, including our fearless president Andrea Cook (in the blue dress!), and brilliant creative team in Krystle Mullin and Graham Tingle; and a powerhouse of amazing production partners in Circle Productions, Red Lab, School Editing and RMW.


Made In Space: Archinaut

A couple of shorts for our friends at Made In Space.


New: The Call That Comes After

A high-driving campaign that crashes through the forth wall.


New work: Cannes Meow

Our official case study for the world’s first unofficial Cannes Lions app.


New gig. New digs.

GroupPhoto_largeBeyond excited to join the gang at FCB/SIX. Photo by Peter Andrew.


New work: The Brands of Santa

A classic cola brand popularized Santa’s look. We wondered what it would look like if other brands had gotten there first. Full set of 12 illustrations, here: brandsofsanta.com 


New work: The Amazing Race

Our 60-second anthem for BMO’s cross-Canada sponsorship of The Amazing Race Canada.

New work: Separating McDonald’s from mechanical separation

Hot off the presses, the case study for the latest iteration of our radical transparency platform for McDonald’s. Creative team is: Sanya Grujicic (Copywriter), Andrew Bernardi (Art Director) and myself (Creative Director). Full campaign portfolio page, here.

New work: Real Smooth Moves

A smart little social campaign for McDonald’s from the fertile minds of Tracy Wan (Copywriter) and Amy O’Neill (Art Director). I was the ACD. This is the case study.